What is Crystal Meth Anonymous?

For more information on the CMA meeting,CHECK THE MEETING PAGE: http://www.crystalmethanonymous.nl/meetings/

There is ONE weekly CMA meeting!

For more information : Send a mail to cma.amsterdam@gmail.com

Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) is a group of people (fellowship) for whom crystal meth has become a major problem. We share our experiences, strenghts and hopes so we are able to solve shared problem(s) and are able to help other addicts to stay clean of crystal meth and other drugs.

The only requirement to join is the desire to stop using crystal meth. There are no dues to pay. CMA is fully independent. CMA is NOT connected to any sect, church, political party, organisation or institution. The main goal at CMA is, together with other crystal meth users who are stuggling with their addiction, getting and staying clean!

The Message

Crystal Meth is a highly addictive drug. It is very difficult to recover from a crystal meth addiction, but it is not impossible! By regularly attending our meetings, using  various tools and applying suggestions from others, you can learn to deal and cope with the addiction. Even better: you can live a wonderful life, without being dependent on crystal meth. A life clean from crystal meth and other drugs.

To anyone who is addicted to crystal meth (or think they are): Thank you very much for showing interest in our fellowship, Crystal Meth Anonymous Netherlands (CMA). You are free and welcome to join us at any moment by attending one of our meetings. There are no obligations, you will not be registered and there are no costs involved (a voluntairy donation is asked so we are able to pay rent, coffee/ tea). The only requirement is the desire to stop using. There will be no questions asked and you do not have to make any promises.

Crystal Meth Anonymous can give you a new way of life, a life without any crystal meth! We work according to the 12-step Minnestota philosophy, in which we are aiming for a spiritual awakening*. Everyone is welcome regardless of their sex, race, age, sexual identity, beliefs or religion.

The first step in our recovery is our belief that we are powerless over crystal meth and the addiction. Our lives have become unmanageable. CMA gives you the tools and opportunity to get and to stay clean. Give yourself a break and give it a chance. You are worth it!

*) A spiritual awakening means that we are learning to be a better person; better towards ourselves and others around us. Learning to live life at lives terms – without using crystal meth or other drugs and running away from our responsibilies, feelings and emotions.