Are you a crystal meth addict?


There is One weekly CMA meeting!

Tina, Ice, PnP, ParTy. Smoking, snorting or slamming. It does not matter what name you give it or in which way you use. It is all the same! For many of us crystal meth has impacted our lives in a negative and distructive way.

Is crystal meth a problem in your life? Are you an addict? You are the only one who can answer these questions.

For many of us, who have admitted we were defeated by our drug use, the answer is very clear. Yes, we do have a problem with crystal meth. No, we are not able to free ourselves and stop using on our own. We had to admit and accept we had become addicted. Crystal meth had taken control of our lives. We were no longer able to control our use of crystal meth. It started as a first try and before we even realized it, we were using daily or weekly. There was no way back. We lacked the power and energy to solve our problem.

We immersed ourselves in a world of endless sex, unstoppable lust, passion and desire. These are things that crystal meth brought us, but, at the same time, we were losing sight of reality. We were not able to stop.

We were fooling ourselves by thinking it was ok to use for days and nights in a row, not to sleep, eat or drink. We believed we still were in control of our use of crystal meth. Believing we were able to stop using whenever we wanted. Thinking it did not matter we were using this drug time after time and believing our crystal meth use had no impact on our lives or the people around us.

Maybe we got in touch with people who were arrested, people who had lost their house or work. People who no longer had the support and trust of their partner, friends or family. We heard of people who had died. Still, nothing inside of us told us we could be next.

Many of us did not see a way out and just continued using and living the distructive way of life. All of us, at times, silently, had to admit towards ourselves that our crystal meth use caused us considerable problems and pain.

The only way out, the only way to be able to stop, maybe, was the realization that continuing would eventually lead to death.

It does not matter how you found us, maybe because you want to be here, maybe because family, friends, a clinic forced you. You have found us, Crystal Meth Anonymous Netherlands! The question now is: do you want to get help? Are you ready and willing to take the challenge and change. Today, tomorrow. The rest of your life! One day at a time.

Welcome to Crystal Meth Anonymous!